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Hello: Thanks for Caring

My fight started when the doctor told my sister Dorothy to get it together, you have a week to live from Cancer.
In 2011 her son Craig Orlando dies of Brain Cancer 53. In 2014 Craig's sister Laura 51 gets Cancer.
Now my brother-in-law Paul has Cancer.
My other brother-in-law died of Cancer.
My son Chad is fighting Cancer now, and I have Alzheimer's and Vietnam P.T.S.D.
All this along with friends with these now - along with a friend's son that is four years old with (stage 4 Cancer) dies.

When you get the call this is your only option - cancer patients have 1 choice. Go to The New Cancer Center. Where they will prep over 36% of you for death.
You are in this months group of 125,000-47,000 of you will die, and for the rest of you, you will have "The Fear of Death." For "The Rest of Your Life."
If you missed this month, just wait!
Even though you get Cancer and Survive - Have Patients - Alzheimer's and Dementia are within and waiting to be activated. Like others in Brain Polio.
For these you don't know what you did wrong, but you get the death sentence - unlike others there is no pardons.

There are 600 Brain Disabling Disorders.

Please Help Us - Don't Concede - Join The Team - Let's Knock These Out

"There is more to me than meets the eye" I've "Donated" 3 patents to raise funds. How can you help?

Thank you
Erv and all others past and present with these illnesses, applaud your support. This is our super bowl of life - Please don't sit on the sidelines waiting for others to carry the ball. We together can Knock these illnesses out like we did polio.
On our website www.occupylifeoccupy, listed is all congress & senate phone numbers & addresses. Please let them know to vote yes on Occupy Life Occupy. Let YOUR Voice Be Heard!!!

"America is 49 in Life Expectancy"