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We need calls to your Government Representatives to Vote Yes for Occupy Life Occupy, over 60% of our Young Men and Women will Die from These - Fight Now. America wants a Vote on "Bill Occupy Life Occupy"

Please join our team, a 100% participation is needed to tell the President, Congress, Senate and all the Representatives in every state to step up or step down. We are looking for volunteers to join the team in every state and every County in each State.
Let's slam dunk this for our Families and Friends.

   "Brain Polio - 600 Crippling Brain Disorders"
Erv in his Walk from St. Joseph, Mi to Washington DC
5-21-2013  Read about the journey here!  Now this year on 5-21-2014 he walked to United Nations from Washington DC Vietnam Memorial walking on highway! Still walking Erv left Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia on his way to New Jersey! (5-28-2014)
Update 6-3-2014 Erv is standing in New York's Times Square!
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Events History - Erv Wagner a St. Joseph, Mi resident and Vietnam vet, suffering from P.T.S.D. And Alzheimer's, has walked from St. Joseph to Washington DC  then to New York United Nations etc., to raise awareness of the plight of those who suffer from P.T.S.D., Alzheimer's, Cancer and Brain Polio. The awareness continued along with his walking to New York, where he hoped to present a platform to declare war on disease to congress awareness.
"Ervin prepared for this walk for three months," says Wagner. "He lost 25lbs, walking ten miles a day, riding a bike and lifting weights". "I'm doing this because I want our government to budget money to fight and eradicate these diseases that are decimating our population". 25 Billion plus dollars yearly should make a cure, statement.

Erv Wagner can be contacted at 269-983-0387

I would like to thank Renaissance Athletic Club Benton Harbor
They are understanding the rise to the top by Synchronizing The Mind and Body
To be Annouced Soon
To be Annouced Soon

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See our upcomming events
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